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Chemspark presents AMIN LS30 suitable for various cleanser formulations

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AMIN LS 30 is an extremely mild amino-acid surfactant, with high foamability. It gives fine, stable, creamy and resilient foam, and leaves fresh feeling on the skin without tautness. This product is milder then SLES by 7 times and it can reach excellent synergistic effect when combined with other surfactants, meanwhile reduce irritation and improve foamability. It is widely used in facial cleanser and other personal care products.


CAS NO.: 137-16-6

About Chemspark India

Backed by a rich industry experience of 27 years, Chemspark India Pvt. Ltd has gained a remarkable reputation in the market by consistently offering quality products that find applications in the industries of personal care, oral care, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and rubber chemicals. The key products in our range includes Skin Lightening agents and enhancers, Cooling and Warming Agent, UV Absorbers, Mild Surfactants, Anti-Dandruff Actives, Preservatives, Fresh Water Pearl Powders, Anti-Acne Agent, Conditioners, Emulsifiers, Fragrance Fixative and Thickeners.

By delivering timely supplies at the most competitive prices, Chemspark has gained a huge client base across the globe, largely in the Indian Subcontinent.


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