Here’s a glimpse of some of the comments
on BTC magazine by industry professionals

“BTC is a very good platform for all branches of Cosmetics to share information"

— Ashish Maru, Managing Director, Tangent Plast

“BTC magazine has achieved great circulation base and carries quality articles and news.”

— R. B. Mohile, Founder & Managing Director, C.L.A.I.M.S.

“BTC magazine– true Print Media Partner for the Personal Care Industry."

— Shailesh Pandya, Managing Director, Scion Chem Pvt. Ltd.

“BTC is a very good magazine which helps people to understand the most relevant updates on cosmetic industry and ingredients suppliers in India."

L'OREAL Research & Innovation

“I have been reading BTC magazine since quite a long time from my days at Cholayil Pvt Ltd and would like to continue having the magazine at my desk. BTC magazine keeps you updated."

— Dr. Navin Kumar Sharma, R&D, Reckitt Benckiser

“BTC magazine updates us regularly and keeps us in touch with cosmetic manufacturers."

— Yogesh Dubey, President, Rakesh Sandal Industries

“BTC magazine is good source of overall information pertaining to the Personal Care Industry, amalgamating various updates of Research, Development, Analytics, Packaging, Ingredients etc."

— Dr. Hema Sharma Datta, Former Head–R&D, Quality,
Regulatory (Cosmetics and Nutrition), Zydus Wellness Ltd.

“BTC magazine has provided good insights on technical aspects of the cosmetics industry."

— Alok Kamat, Manager-Business Development,
Aero Pharma

“BTC magazine has excellent short articles on all aspects of beauty. It is realistic, keeps us connected with suppliers, and keeps us informed of the current trends in the industry. I trust the information it gives and enjoy the fact that it is a wholesome magazine."

— Simi Ali, Formulation Scientist and Owner, Morwen Group

“BTC magazine provides full insight into the personal care industry."

— Sanjeev Khurana, Hollyhock Cosmetics Products

“BTC’s unique coverage of Company Profiles, Insights and Market Reports is laudable...provides the information on suppliers, new materials and new launches."

— Vinay Kumar Singh, CRO, Paramount Cosmetics

“The right supplier selection is very important in any formulation development. BTC is the key magazine for finding supplier details."

— Manoj Kumar Soni, Former Assistant Manager-
Dermatology,Dr. Reddy's

“BTC magazine is quite informative and is the best platform to get information about Suppliers for any start-up company in the cosmetics industry. It also helps us to source Indian as well as International distributors."

— Deepti Jaiswal, Asst. GM-Operations, Apogee Health Care

“BTC magazine provides good technical documents."

— Dr. Sushilkumar Anand Dubal, General Manager–R&D,
Pitambari Products Pvt. Ltd.